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Do you have a product, service, project, dream or idea that could benefit others – or the world – if you could only put the right structure, funding, and resources in place to create it or get it to market faster?

Enter The CEO Space Experience!

Investors, Development Companies, Hyper-Growth Companies and Professionals come together at CEO Space – the largest cooperative marketplace, networking opportunity, training, and tradeshow – to fast-track their way to success. Thousands of companies have been successfully developed, funded and brought to market at CEO Space.

Investors – What might your portfolio look like if you could consistently buy low and sell high? Quickly access better ventures, diversify your portfolio, do better do due diligence, meet with attorneys on site, and have more fun as you invest.

Hyper- Growth Companies – This is the place where dreams become real. Agra/Organic, Alternative Fuels, Green Technologies, Novelties, Entertainment, Aerospace/Defense, Nanotechnology, Life Sciences, Longevity Sciences, and Emerging Industries are all represented at CEO Space.

Development Companies – Whether you’ve raised millions or your project is a napkin idea, you’ll receive training and advice from top consultants. Get help with your funding strategy, raise capital, make connections for production and distribution, and much more.

Professionals –You will receive the same advanced practice management training that attendees such as the European chairmen of Memorex and Nokia have received and raved about – all while you engage with potential customers and bring in new business!

Professionals in Transition – Don’t sit on the sidelines of your life waiting for your next big opportunity. There are hundreds of people at CEO Space who need your support and services.

Experience CEO Space and receive:

  • Connections, connections, connections!
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  • Capital funding and seed funding
  • Intellectual property and trademark protection
  • Strong alliances and joint venture partners
  • Resources for product distribution
  • Advice from the top consultants to Fortune companies
  • State-of-the-art mentorship and training regarding your funding strategy, capital compliance, branding, marketing, and much more!

Imagine what might happen if you suddenly had access to 70,000+ key influencers who couldn’t wait to help you bring you and your company to the success you deserve?

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